What is IoT?

The everyday things which we use in our life and their network which is used for the betterment of our lives as well as business is basically called as the IoT. Here the everyday objects can be anything, starting from a mobile phone to a car which we use. The things such as computers, mobile phones and more make our life and business simpler and hassle-free. It provides with a lot of advantages like automating the repetitive tasks, reducing the human work and predictive working through data analysis.”

IoT Systems Integrator Solutions

Our systems integrators are flexible in working with legacy systems and integrating them with end-to-end solutions. Their vast knowledge of the IoT landscape and top players in the market empowers their decision-making process and produces a superior and result of a custom IoT project. Our IoT engineering firm boosts the abilities of global brands and entrepreneurs to succeed by developing the right IoT solutions.

Most IoT projects require a diverse range of engineers.Our teams include engineers with experience and passion in big data and real-time analytics,computer vision,software architecture,and much more.Our experienced engineers accelerate your product’s go-to-market delivery or solve your specific problems with the right skillset. Vate’s experience with IoT ranges from developing commercial IoT solutions to industrial IoT (IIoT) products.

Experience in IoT software development often is not enough to produce successful products.You need to be able to design the right product without costly mistakes that affect your go-to-market readiness,profitability,and reputation.Adding our IoT systems integrator engineers is key to success.

We go beyond just being IoT developers offering complete,inter-operative systems-integrator solutions.Our Vates team is your partner as your company embarks on its digital transformation projects.Our skilled developers offer solutions for your smallest project component to full turn-key solutions.


Custom IoT Solutions

As companies and entrepreneurs embark on their digital transformation projects,off the shelf IoT solutions may not be enough. At Vates we help companies develop their custom IoT solutions so they can focus and value proposition and marketing.

IoT Transportation Services

By installing sensors in a loading truck,they can provide detailed information of the truck’s path by measuring height,speed,humidity,road vibrations and more.

IoT Healthcare Solutions

Safety in hospital and healthcare facilities can be greatly enhanced by tracking equipment and patients,providing information about where they have been,for how long and notify users in an asset has left the premises.

IoT Industries Experience

Below are some of the industries in which we have delivered Consumer IoT, Commercial IoT, and Industrial Iot projects:

  • SmartHome IoT integration and application development – See IoT Case Study Here, See Smart Home Case Study Here
  • Industrial IoT (llot) solutions for the automotive industry
  • Low power IoT sensor solutions for the healthcare industry
  • IoT-based predictive maintainance solutions
  • GPS IoT Asset Tracking solutions for the mining industry
  • Chronic illness IoT solutions – Routine health checks are brought in house to alleviate hospitals via IoT solutions
  • Blood Pressure IoT chronic illness solutions with FDA certified devices
  • Monitoring Sensor – bluetooth to cell phone to hospital’s cloud for access by patient’s doctor
  • IoT Worker Safety solutions for high risk work environments
  • Adapting IoT solutions for international frequencies and other adaptability issue

Products for IoT Devices


This is a protype project of 2 dimensional CNC machine which I have built at Abdullah and sons mechenical engineering workshop(s) during my job period of 1 year(2017 to 2018). Control system of this machine can accept 2D design files in Gerbers format and ensures working accuracy of 0.2 mm.

Smart Fault Detection

This was an image processing based porosity detection model for piston and any other product that is made out of metal. For detection of fault, system uses image processing technique as required by the funding party. Python was used for programming this machine with bindings of open computer vision library. System uses single loop cycle for detection. For better working accuracy, cycles can be increased for multiple scans each with different set of parameters.

KIT200 (Smart Logic Controller)

Right now I am working at Kazmah regional company headquartered in Kuwait. Video shows a thick circuit which is communicating with my laptop though usb port and taking commands in Modbus protocol. The is called kit200, it was a common task for me and Mr. Anser syed during 2019. In above video, switching of outputs can be seen. The project is still in progress and meant to replace programmable logic controllers from chillers thus cutting down major cost of control systems used in various types of machines.

Cloud Thermostat

This is a protype for thermostate which can be scalable in many markets like hotels, residential appliances, industrial environment control etc. It provides control for air gateways(dampers) and can be configured for cloud based communication.