Learn How Restaurant Management System Works


Customer Satisfaction

Deliver in-store customer services and hold their credentials for future reference

Get Accurate Reports

Know how you are doing by getting accurate sales reports

Makes You Versatile

Grow, expand or add new things to your business. POS could be adjusted accordingly

Low Overall Cost

Operates at Very Low Cost, Plus Very Low Maintenance Charges

One Stop Solution

Operates at Very Low Cost, Plus Very Low Maintenance Charges

Increased Sales

Help Understand What Sells Best and Then Select Offerings Accordingly


Dine In

  • Dine in option with the floor plan to choose table and do table based occupancy analysis.


  • Choose delivery option while taking order on call and assign delivery boy.

Take away

  • take away option while ordering that will flag order for kirchen staff to pack.

Online ordering

  • Order online on online food ordering system.

Room Service

  • Integrated with hotel management to add pos bill on folio for room service.

Customisable Item

  • Choose ingredients and options for customisable items and combo meals.

Menu Design

  • Design menu with various product categories.

BoM and Allergic Ingredient

  • Define BoM for each item and notify on stock level and allergic ingredients for the customer.

Recipe Video

  • Add video url for the product page on online ordering and pos self order.

Customer Feedback

  • System will allow customer to provide survey feedback and remarks at the time of payment.

Split/Merge Bills

  • Add or split two or more bills. Easy billing possible.

Layout of Floor

  • Get a clear layout of the operational floor.

Serving Time

  • System will display serving time for each item in pos.

Prints Reports, KOT’s

  • Print multiple KOT/BOT, print reports.

Proper Menu Description

  • Get details of all the menu items at glance.

Void Bills

  • Order Canceled? No Problem, Just Void the Bill.

Table Allocation

  • Allocate Tables to Servers and Track the Work.

Multiple User Login

  • Different Employees Can Log-in to the System Using Their Magnetic Cards.

Easy Billing

  • Multiple Currencies Supported and Different Payment Modes Available.

Unified Data

  • The Unified Data for All Outlets Available.

PoS Online/Offline Mobile Application

Table Booking From Mobile

Offline workable mobile application that allows waiters to select table and take orders from mobile or tablet. Order will be synchronised with odoo when they go online on network.

Select Customer & Number of Persons

From tablet waiter can choose existing customers or create new customer offline.

Add Products in Cart

Build order offline, adding products in cart and it will generate pos order in mobile. Once device will connect with network it will synchronise all pending orders with odoo server.


Fewer Errors – Less Margin for Error, Technology Will Effectively Reduce Human Errors.

Operate From Single Point – Less of Hassle as Operations Could Be Managed From One Point Only.

Know Your Menu – The Information Helps Staff to Get Familiar With the Offerings.

Increased Productivity – POS Eases Operations and Hence Staff Become More Productive.