A comprehensive solution for all HR needs. A perfect combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology.


Comprehensive Dashboard to find odds data

Take recruitment decision easily from evaluation matrix

Employee lifecycle management and history traceability

Reporting on late coming and early leaving employees

Short service hour and overtime calculation on payroll

KPI configuration for challenges, goals and badges

Fleet management for employees

Employee profile with history, qualification and family details

Events management and auto event attendance creation

Online Recruitment process and interview scheduling and interview data collection

Asset allocation and workstation allocation with asset tracking

Holiday structures for various leave types and public holiday calendar

Build organization family community on your HR portal to help family of employees’

Tracking expenses based on employee, projects and other cost centres

On leave and absentee data based on biometric attendance realtime

Salary analysis report with CTC components that helps in cost-cutting

Online exam from various question bank for the interview process

Employee handbook and onboarding process

Expense claim and reimbursement process

Onsite contracting and checklist for management

Equipment maintenance and issue board for the IT team

Leave allocation and request with approval workflow

Checklist management for various actions

Timesheet management linked with project and task

Access controls and role configuration based on designation

Collect applicant data and documents from the employee portal

Periodic evaluation and feedback survey to help management to build organization culture

Leave Allocation on pro-rated or yearly basis with “flexi leave”, compensatory leave and swap leave approval process

Localization compliance payroll with any kind of allowance and deduction configurable salary rules

Real-time biometric attendance data with shift management and tracking of breaks and break times per employee

Employee onsite management with attendance and payroll management


  Employee Monthly and YTD PF saving

  Employee profitability report based on billing and time spent

  Employee leave summary per leave type

  Average growth per year

  New openings per position

  In notice period employee list

  Today’s Absentees list

  Average age of employees in organization

  Upcoming appraisal list

  Onsite arrival and departure dates of employees

  Pending documents collection list

  Expense to approve list

  Timesheets to approve list

  Current month anniversary list

  Employee skill matrix

  Leave Analysis

  Organization Structure diagram generation

  Pending and Approved Expenses

  Employee efficiency ratio based on task worklog

  Employee grade and rank box system

  Current month leave status