ERP Development

System Review ​​System Audit &  Risk Assessment ​​ System Selection ​​System Implementations 

System Development System Support ImplementationsERP System Support Performance Reviews

Business Analysis

Business Strategy Review   |   Business Intelligence Requirement   |   Data Integration & Management   |   ​Big Data Analytics

Business Process Management

  • Deliver continuous process improvements
  • Select best practices for process improvements
  • Designing development and implementation processes to achieve organization goals
  • Assist in budget planning, resource allocation, and schedule to implement process improvements
  • Plan, implement and monitor process changes for projects
  • Assist in making business decisions relating to system implementations, modifications and maintenance
  • Develop and maintain business process documentation to be used as references for preparing test cases and training documents

Customer Relationship Management

  • At Intelliversal, we believe in providing Top solutions to our customers with decade of expertise in the field of CRM solutions.
  • The CRM is specially customized as per your Organization need to give you better control over Client management.
  • Friendly dashboards and easily manageable work flows help you improve decision-making when it comes to sales.
  • Meetings with the customers can be easily track able.
  • Full control over the section of changing progress to client for every salesperson.
  • Leads, Opportunities, and Contact management are efficiently handled which will contribute to improved sales in your business.



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