ERP Cloud Based Accounting Software


Enterprise resource planning is the most complex and advance accounting software which is really expensive to develop and difficult to handle, ERP accounting software. is the most demanded software in digital community, to establish the best accounting business you’ve to buy custom ERP accounting software.

Everyone wants best features and functions in their custom made software, Here i’m going to discuss these features briefly and their working.

Modules of ERP Cloud Based Accounting Software:

Here is a brief list of modules of ERP accounting software.

Manage Users:

In manage users you can create infinite users or clients and you can manage existing users and their details like email address and phone, moreover you can print out this file as well as you can save this file in excel and PDF.


In company module you can save company details, like name, email address, phone no, physical address (street address), country name, currency name, pin code, website and much more.

You can also secure this software with an other sub module in company menu, you can set or change password on any time.


In master there are many features you’ll find like:


In customers you can manage all the customers, you can add, remove or find them, you can also find them easily because for easy search we have developed customer code, phone no and their details.

All the details of customer will be available in this module. Print out option is also available in this module.


In suppliers module you can manage all your suppliers with a single click, you can find, add or remove them. Suppliers are really very important part in business and their details should be saved so this module can help to save their details.

Account Groups:

In account groups you can manage investments, income, profit and expenses easily in the form of account groups, you can print out their report any time to save them physically as well as virtually.

Product and Services:

In product and services modules of ERP software you can add infinite product and services with price and description.

In this module there is an other category of various types of taxes, brands and units, that depends upon your business what you want to add or remove.


In purchases you can manage all the existing purchases you can find or remove them, you can check discount given to the customers, orders and their returns. It helps you a lot in accounting, it helps to inhibit you from loss.


In this module of Accounting software you can manage all the sales in your business.


In this module you can manage all the transactions related to your business.

Financial Statements:

In this module you can find the profit and loss, balance sheet and chart of account, this module is complex and best to manage all of your balance in a proper manner, it is very tough to get loss in business but with this ERP you and your business can be prevented from loss.


In reports you can manage, add or remove any report related to your business, reports are very important because it can tell you the ranking of your business day by day, daily routine report is very important for any business so in this ERP reports is the advanced module to help you in entire life.

Preview of ERP Cloud Based Accounting Software: